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ACNtv (America's Collectible Network) is a loose gems stone retailer and online jewelry/gems stone auctioneer. ACNtv is an interactive television company that was purchased by OpenTV, which is one of the world's leading enablers of interactive television experiences. They provide the technology, content, and service that powers the interactive television programs around the world today.

As of January 2004, ACNtv is now being called Jewelry Television. ACNtv offers a wide variety of jewelry at greatly reduced prices with the convenience of shopping right from your own home. ACNtv is one of the largest retailers of loose gemstones in the world and offers an enormous selection of loose diamonds, gemstones, tons of diamond earrings including diamond studs, hoops, and saddleback earrings. They also have a great money back guarantee, so if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase from ACNtv, send it back within 30 days of the original shipment date for an exchange or a refund for the full price of the item. Sign up for Jewelry Television's newsletter and receive
exclusive savings, upcoming show info and more via email. Your refund is guaranteed to arrive very promptly.

Discovering ACNtv has allowed thousands of shoppers to purchase as much as 4 times the amount of jewelry per year than they did previously because of ACNtv's remarkably cheaper prices. Jewelry lovers often find that instead of waiting for their favorite piece of jewelry to go on sale or be put on clearance, they can buy what they want immediately from ACNtv because it's always at a low price. And, not only does ACNtv have fabulous prices for all scopes of their jewelry, they also have lots of gem shows that educate consumers and are great for even the most experienced jewelers. The education you can receive from this home shopping network is incredible, and totally free.

So if you're interested in buying jewelry or gemstones, always check ACNtv's prices first. Whether it's a special gift, a rare gem, or a fast-paced auction that you're looking for, ACNtv is the channel for you. And even if you don't have access to a TV, you can still check out ACNtv on the web.

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